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Becca sat on beach

The path that has paved the way in my journey into this world of work has been a true reflection of healing itself; full of twists and turns, uphill struggles and beautiful summits. When I was approached 2 years ago by my mentor, Hannah Alexander with the glimmer of the question ‘would you like to learn some bodywork?’, I truly did not know the depths of which I was about to dive in order to scratch the surface of the beauty of wild healthcare. Depths that have taken, and continue to take, me on a deeply reflective personal journey, equipping me with experience and skill to reach my wider community. 


Over my short, but continuous, rich time delving into the expansive realms of bodywork it has become transparent how so many of us have lost touch with the ways of honouring and tending to ourselves. This loss of touch often results in imbalances and dis-ease within the body, which can mean endless spirals of searching for solutions. I am in the midst of relearning and rebuilding these foundations within myself. This is where bodywork can show up in support.


Through its ability to release, relax and guide the body back ‘home’, bodywork is a powerful approach that enables shifts within the body that can facilitate long term healing.


Drawing on practices and disciplines from all over the world from the dawn of time, this deep rooted approach feels natural to me and has given me an opportunity to draw on my sensitivities, which I once believed were a negative trait, and use them to give my own practice wings and depth to explore and hold others in this art.

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